My new publication strategy.

  1. Do slow careful work on crucial questions.
  2. Submit to an Arxiv. Sharing is caring.
  3. Submit to the top tier, and shop until I drop. I want to have an impact. To be read. And I have an ego.
  4. Submit to the fast online transparent cheap new journals (peerj, F1000). I’d rather be vetted and be out then waiting. I also want to write with less pressure, faster, so I can be read more often. Rejection is just fine with me, when it’s from the top*. Otherwise I’d rather get my work checked quicker and cheaper** then move on. On average, peer review provides a light vetting. This is especially clear recently, but has never been exactly opaque. Why not just get on with it?

Should you do this? No idea. No comment. I think I can make it work where want to go….

There are too many ideas out there, waiting, needing to be played with.


[*] Let me be clear. I don’t mean glam journals always give the best science. I don’t think this, even a little. They do have the most eyeballs and the most clout. Forgive me for wanting both.

[**] 1500-3000 bucks to provide some vetting and light light editing, is straight-up full-on fucking madness.